POS software: KTS SalesMate + : Version History

    1) Version 0.5 (21/01/2006)

          Beta version of the product

    2) Version 1.0 (18/02/2006)

          Initial release of the product.

    3) Version 2.0 (11/12/2007)

          Added plugin support.

    4) Version 3.0 (31/03/2009)

          Added SQL Server support and POS Add-on.

    5) Version (20/10/2010)

          Added Quotation Features and Supplier Payment Settings. .

    6) Version (1/9/2014)

         a. Import feature

         b.  Interface To KTS InfoMate Digital Notice Board

         c.  Fixed the reported bugs.

    7) Version (12/5/2015)

         a. Fixed a POS Printer Receipt Bug

        b. Add Custom Accounts Report Option

       c. Added Bar Code Label Printing Option

    8) Version (25/8/2017)

         a. Added GST Support

        b. Added Option to send E Mail

        c. Fixed a Bug related Add Item

        d. Fixed various minor bugs

    9) Version (1/3/2018)

         a. Added Support for Custom Bar Code printer

        b. Added Multi-Application Report Support on SalesMate + Website Control Panl

        c. Added Individual Edit and Delete of Sales , Purchase and Quotation

        d. Fixed various minor bugs

    10) Version (1/12/2018)

         a. Added Multiple POS Terminal Support

        b. Fixed State Code Bug in GST Receipts

        c. Added Stock Value and Low stock Info in Daily summary Report

        d. Option to Set Unit Price Same as Selling Price in Add Stock Items

    11) Version (1/1/2019)

         a. Added Monthly License Subscription Option in addition to One Time License 

        b. Modified SalesMate + Website to incorporate the License Option

        c. Fixed Bugs Reported in Multiple POS Tab Terminals

    12) Version (5/3/2019)

         a. Added Provision to set MRP for Items and its associated Selling price Calculation Adjustments

        b. Fixed Subscription License validation Problems

    13) Version (19/6/2019)

        a. Fixed POS Screen Combo Box Expansion Problem in Windows 10

        b. Modified Buy | Renew | Register Dialog

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