July 1 Indias GST Day. It has been one year since GST system is introduced  which can bring revolutionary changes to the India's Economic aspects. As per GST System design , through software we can either fully or partially automate the the Tax collection In India which can also restrict Tax evasion and  leakage. Building a GST Billing and Sales Software Product which suits to each Indian customer's requirement is every companies dream. But in practice this may not be the case. This is because each Business might have its own Unique Requirements and Business Flow that may not be able to address it using a General Purpose GST Billing & Sales Software.  When these sort of a situation arises , the customer need to proceed with either of the 2 options below.

1. The customer contact a Software Development Company. The company creates a Project Plan , timeline and an estimate. This plan might not be acceptable to the customer because of aspects like high software development cost , reluctance in raveling the business strategy etc.

2. Customer develops software for himself or gets the help of an Engineer to develop the software under his direction. This way is quite expensive and if the customer dont have any idea regarding the software development procedures , then this will end up in project failure. Customer also want to update the software with new features and govt policy changes without much installation and configuration effort.

This where Smart Client and Plugin Technology Enters into Picture. 

What is Smart Client Technology?

A smart client incorporates the best features of Desktop and Web Application Technology to provide the best user experience. For example for a web based POS application to work , the software needs to connect to the internet. If there is no internet connectivity , then the software will not work. Interfacing hardware peripherals like bar code, pole display will be another problem and will be a pain if the POS software is web based. Also in a web based application , the data is in the cloud which raises security concerns. 

Desktop based POS Application on the other hand will be able to work without internet connectivity and will be easy to integrate with the POS Hardware as the software is locally installed and can access the hardware easily.  But Desktop based application also hit with severe drawback like application maintenance and updates , flexible licensing etc.

Smart Client Technology address these issues effectively in SalesMate + and is providing with Automatic updates , daily summary report , flexible licensing model (like OneTime and a low cost Monthly based subscription business model) etc .

What is Plugin Technology?

A plugin (or sometimes called Plug-in, add-in, addin, add-on, addon, or extension) is a software component (in the form of DLL file) that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. When a program supports Plug-ins, it enables customization. The important aspect of plugin technology is that even if the source code of the Main software is not with us, we can still develop the plugin and integrate with the existing software. In short if the Software have Plugin Technology support , then we can add more features and reports to the software by developing and installing the Plugins.

The customization of the software using Plugins can be achieved using the Software Development Kit (SDK) supplied by the Software Vendor. For instance, KTS InfoTech , the developers of SalesMate + | GST Billing and Sales Software , ships with a Software Development Kit (SDK) to customize and add more features to the software by developing Plugins using programming languages like VC++ , C#.NET or VB.NET. The Details of the Software Development Kit (SDK) can be accessed free from the Popular Software Repository Github.com

Download Link ➤ https://github.com/kts-infotech/smp-sdk

The core part of the SalesMate + software Framework was Released on 2006 ( Ver 1.0 ) and is developed in C++ , a programming language used for developing high performance robust software. Because of this solid foundation, software will last for years in the market without much modification in the core part of the software. SalesMate + Plugins can be developed in C++ as well as Dot Net Technologies using the SDK
See the Picture below on how SalesMate + SDK will help you to achieve development of Plugin for your requirements.   

Smart Client and Plugin Technology as such is not a new technology in the market, but this is a Tested and Proven Software Engineering Architecture & Technology Framework which you can find it in other Popular Software Packages like MS Office , Adobe Photoshop , AutoCAD , 3DSMax etc. However this technology support is New to GST Billing and Sales Software in India. Even the Popular Billing and Accounting Software Packages in India have very Limited Extensibility support using their own scripting language and not providing Plugin Technology Support in their Software. The reason might be because of the following aspects.

1. If they incorporated the Plugin Technology into their software , then they may not be able to charge the customers unnecessarily as the customer might have other options if Plugin technology is incorporated. 

2. The software company may not have much understanding regarding the Smart Client and plugin technology Architecture and how to incorporate it to their software.

3. Plugin technology may not be able to incorporate to old legacy software systems .

In short if Plugin Technology is incorporated into any software, one of the biggest advantage from the customer perspective is that the software will last for years.  

  => Even if the software vendor had given support or not.
  => Even if the main source code of the software is with you or not.

SalesMate + software is getting good positive response and acceptance from their customers who installed and using the software. To make things transparent and easier for the customer, the company also provided with a 60 day free trial version of the software which the customer can download , install and use it to see how the SalesMate + software suits their needs and whether they need to develop any plugins for the software.  

Introduction of Plugin Technology to SalesMate + GST Billing and Sales Software can bring radical change in the way we build cost effective GST Billing and Sales Software for custom business requirements.
All the above aspects makes SalesMate + one of True Indian GST Billing Sales Software Package to rely upon so that we can add new features as well as modify existing Screens in SalesMate + using the SDK Provided. 

For more details Visit the Software Website   http://www.salesmateplus.com   

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