What’s new in KTS SalesMate +
    Latest version of KTS SalesMate+ (Ver 3.0) incorporates the following additional features.
    » Support for both MS Access and SQL Server databases.
    » Powerful easy to use POS Add-on with the following built-in features.
    » Easy to use Sales Checkout screen with customer information (optional).
    » Easy to use setup wizards for configuring POS default settings.
    » e-Filing wizard for submitting VAT Return information. *
    » Option for configuring sales bill formats.
    » Various useful reports.
    » Standard Bar code Scanner, Pole display, Receipt printer support.
    » Other additional features in the form of add-ons are available in Add-on page. The add-ons currently include remote backup of the SalesMate + database to popular online backup provider www.box.net. Add-on also incorporates features like system status, system resources and system alert information. 
    * Applicable only to the states in India especially in Kerala.